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Customer Feedback

Steven Prussky

(Manager Director)

Aware Corporation Limited(Chiang Mai)

Great service. Our personal insurance advisor is available 24 hours a day. He understands the specific industry needs of IT businesses and helps us to find the best fitting products.


Pongpat Phumpati

General Director

Hotel Quickly App Co.,Ltd

The website make my life more convenient, and still all around. Very impressed that I myself can select the coverage according to what I want and I confirm that it is cheaper than purchasing directly. Not even mentioned about the other privilege for our employees and company.


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rabbit finance is the next generation financial adviser, that offers excellent service by combining web technologies with insurance and banking know-how.

Beside personal insurance, we also covers on business or industrial insurance as well. Which have the same benefits as personal insurance, if not more. As for any entrepreneurs who looking for insurance for your business, you are at the right place, because rabbit finance's business health insurance is the best offers you could find in Thailand. Here's what we offers.

  • Personal Health insurance is the normal insurance that we provides, which only cover a single person. It might not satisfy your needs, but more policies won't harm anyone.
  • Group Health insurance coverage conditions is similar with personal insurance, only with 3 persons plus, business owners included. This type of policy fits well with every kind of business, such as Startup, SME, Industrial, Organization or simply company. This policy covers both employees and employers.

If you are an millenials business man, you should not let your employees relying on social securities only. Investment that will benefits you in a long-term is obviously the best choices, especially when that investing is by far, the best offers in Thailand.

rabbit finance assure you, that the offers that you will get from us, will be the most efficient one you could find in Thailand. Beside a special deals from our exclusive partners, which is a leading insurance brands in Thailand, we also have a free insurance comparison at your services. This is the reasons why rabbit finance let you choose your companies insurance package by yourself. A unique insurance plans for your companies that been prove are the most efficient.


When you finished picking your policies, you could use our insurance comparison services to make sure that your choices are the best. Even though your choices fit your companies perfectly, the comparison services will make everything looks clearer, does it worth it? How much more cost could you save? That’s something comparison services will answer for you.


You might not familiar with insurance field, or technical terms about any policies. Rabbit finance have a professional consultant services from your field of business that will cost you no extra charges, including follow-up on your benefits and take care of your insurance 24/7 within coverage range, just to make sure that insurance business won’t bother your actual business.

Our online consultant services from personal insurance might be the starting point, but business insurance improve it drastically. We provide our customers with professional services teams, whom experts on every field of business, from small one to a cooperation level.


Even if you didn’t choose our services officially, our staffs will always be at your services, to help and suggest the best solutions and choices for your companies insurance. If you’re one of the new business owners or millennials entrepreneurs, spent your times on learning about insurance technical terms would interrupt your valuable time with your investment. There are many details in one business plans, and when it comes to insurance, there are so many conditions and benefits hiding from your plain sight.


Whether it is a restaurants, pharmacies or even a 7-11, business insurance won’t be extravagant on your budget, because nowadays provide you with so many kind of coverage, says that you buying every policies there is, there won’t be any accident or situation that will make you waste your money.

Other online insurance brokers might have 1,000 or more policies for you to choose, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good one. It might be the cheapest and most efficient, but the services you will have are going to erase those goods away. That’s why rabbit finance only partner with leading brands insurance companies, to be expert on business insurance needs experience and familiarity with field of the market as well, that’s why most of our partners work on global scale, and be at the front row of it.


Offers from leader brands meant that after services you will receive is certify. Asking for your benefits won’t be troublesome, responsibility from these names are out and up-front. When you choose these offers through rabbit finance, you will get the best deals and free comparison service. If you chose to contact insurance companies directly, your premiums will goes higher than through brokers like us.


Beside business insurance, we also provide variety of personal insurance. Which means startup or family business could try it before company scales insurance as well. But if your companies or business have more than 3 people or units, you could choose group insurance to maximize your benefits.

Whether it is a business insurance or personal insurance. rabbit finance guarantee that your premiums that comes from our offers are the most efficient one you could find in Thailand, beside being the best offers from leading insurance brands with special prices. Our customers will benefits from our other services, such as comparison and consultant service.


Business insurance offers from rabbit finance

  • Group health insurance
  • Group car insurance 
  • Group travel insurance
  • Assets and warehouse insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Directors&Officers insurance
  • Carrier cargo liability insurance


And much more that we could offer you. Whether your business is big or small, rabbit finance will always be at your services with best offers that suits your business the most.